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Richard’s Paving provides driveway asphalt & concrete paving, asphalt repairs, and seal coating to homeowners and residential communities in Richmond, VA, and the surrounding areas.

Why You Should PAve Your Driveway

Richard’s Paving is a premier and local driveway paving contractor in Richmond, VA (don’t worry we service all of Central, VA). We provide asphalt and concrete paving services but first, why should you pave your driveway? Paving your driveway can be necessary for a wide variety of reasons ranging from property value, cost-effectiveness, maintenance levels, and even safety.  Homeowners should view their driveway as their homes’ red carpet. It’s the first thing people see when they pull in to visit. What’s better is Richard’s Paving has one priority, and that’s to provide the best customer service and quality available from a paving contractor in Virginia. On this page, we will talk about the cons of a gravel driveway, whether you should choose asphalt or concrete, and the other driveway services we offer.

The Drawbacks of a Gravel Driveway

We are not knocking gravel driveways because they have benefits. But, there are more cons than pros when you have one. Here in Virginia, we get a lot of rain, in the winter we can sometimes get snow, but what do get a lot of is ice when rain freezes overnight. When you get a lot of rain the gravel can shift around and sink, causing ruts and sinkholes.

Virginia Driveway Paving
Richard’s Paving has two top priorities which are quality and customer service. If you’re looking for a driveway paving company near you in Virginia, Richard’s is for you.

These ruts and sinkholes make the surface unstable causing people to trip, and vehicles to get stuck when those holes ice over again. On top of that, the gravel can be washed away into your yard or the neighbors’ yard, and you will have to pick it up and move it back. Removing snow and ice is also problematic since shoveling can move the gravel into the yard and cause more ruts.

Ruts and sinkholes aren’t the only problems though. Gravel driveways can kick up dirt and coat your car. The rocks can get stuck in your tires, and the dust can get into your vehicle’s air conditioning which you then breathe. Gravel driveways also require more physical maintenance since you will need to remove weeds that grow and penetrate the surface, regularly rake the gravel off your lawn, and keep extra gravel to fill in holes to ensure the surface is even. All of these problems are resolved when you hire a professional contractor to pave the driveway.

The Benefits of Paving Your Driveway With Asphalt

You have different options when you choose to pave your driveway. Most driveway paving contractors offer asphalt or concrete paving, but which should you choose? Most homeowners end up choosing asphalt thanks to its durability, flexibility, look, and cost-effectiveness vs. concrete. But first, let’s list some of the main reasons people choose asphalt paving over concrete and gravel.

  • Skid Resistant & Safer: Here in the Northern Neck and Richmond, VA Metro Area, we don’t get a lot of snow anymore. But, as we mentioned before the rain we get in the winter freezes overnight, and thanks to asphalt being skid-resistant it’s safer to walk on. Thanks to asphalt’s dark color it’s more resistant to sun glare and it melts snow and ice faster once the sun warms it up.
  • More Cost-Effective than Concrete: The materials used to create asphalt aren’t as expensive and help the homeowner save money during installation and years later when repairs and resealing are needed.
  • Asphalt Driveways are Quieter: When you have family members and friends constantly coming and going, the noise of driving on a gravel driveway can wake you up. Plus, since asphalt is porous it absorbs air and vibrations reducing the sound of vehicles by 3 to 5 decibels.
  • Environmentally-Friendly: Asphalt is very environmentally friendly and it can be 100% recycled. Asphalt driveways require less energy to install, and when they are replaced the asphalt is used to produce shingles and other products.
  • Quicker to Install and Lasts Longer: An asphalt driveway takes 1 – 2 days to install and lasts around 20 – 30 years (if maintained properly). The driveway is also usable around 5 days after the project’s completion.
As you can see there are many benefits to choosing to pave your current gravel driveway. You and your family will be safer, your vehicles won’t get damaged, and it’s quieter, and more cost-effective in the long run. Scroll lower to read about the benefits of a concrete driveway and more info on our driveway paving services.

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Why Choose A Concrete Driveway For Your Home?

 The initial cost of installing a concrete driveway is higher than an asphalt driveway, but don’t let that turn you off if you want to reap the benefits of concrete. While concrete is more expensive than asphalt at the time of installation, asphalt costs more to maintain in the future. The higher maintenance costs for asphalt come from the binder that holds the materials together. Asphalt binding can crack, distort, or disintegrate over time due to UV Rays, water, and other chemicals. While a well maintained asphalt driveway can last 20 – 30 years, a well maintained concrete driveway can last 30+ years. But, a concrete driveways’ lifespan depends on the installation’s quality and type of cement. If the paving contractor does not make sure the driveway has a solid foundation that can properly drain water, the concrete can break down.

A lot of people perceive concrete driveways as being maintenance-free, but it helps to keep the driveway clean and sealed to ensure it lasts its full lifespan. It’s recommended you use a hose, pressurized water, and a stiff-bristled brush to remove any debris. We also

The Richard's Paving truck parked outside a home in Central, VA. We provide driveway paving services across Virginia's Northern Neck and Richmond Metro Area.
The Richard’s Paving truck parked outside a home in Central, VA. We provide driveway paving services across Virginia’s Northern Neck and Richmond Metro Area.

recommend applying a concrete sealer once a year to prevent the cement from absorbing water and moisture. This is more often than you would have to seal an asphalt driveway, but the length of time the concrete driveway lasts offsets the cost.

Concrete doesn’t absorb as much heat so snow and ice melts slower than on an asphalt driveway, but a concrete driveway will reflect the light better. This reduces the need for artificial lighting outside the home and can contribute to your home’s energy savings. Cement also has better load-bearing capacity since it’s not a flexible material. If you have work done on your home and a contractor brings in large vehicles, those heavy vehicles can deform asphalt if the asphalt isn’t thick enough or wasn’t mixed well. Finally, prospective homebuyers are highly interested in having a concrete driveway, which means paving with concrete will further increase your home’s market value and help your home sell faster.

Other Driveway Paving Services We Offer

Richard’s Paving doesn’t just install new driveways. We are a full-service residential paving contractor which means we provide all the support you will need when it comes to maintaining your paved driveway.

Driveway Resurfacing

Resurfacing a driveway is the process of applying an overlay of new asphalt to even out any grade depressions or cover large cracks that won’t be fixed through basic repairs or patchwork. Richard’s Paving uses the highest quality materials that will give your surface a new look and shine that will make your neighbors envious. Your driveway might need to be resurfaced if you have an abundance of cracks, the surface has oxidized, or there’s standing water. But, when a driveway has been properly resurfaced it can extend its life an additional 8  – 15 years.


The moment your new asphalt driveway is laid three things will start to happen. It will cure, oxidize, and deteriorate due to its use and the elements. Protecting your pavement with seal coating prevents the sun’s UV rays from baking the oil out of the asphalt and making it brittle. Sealcoating also minimizes raveling (loss of aggregate) and fills minor voids in the surface. Other benefits include creating a uniform color and appearance for all asphalt paved surfaces and increasing your curb appeal.

Asphalt Repair

It’s not unusual for your driveway to crack over time, and if those cracks aren’t repaired the surface will deteriorate faster than normal. Unsealed cracks also allow water to enter the subgrade and create potholes, pavement deflection, and loss of the entire system. Richard’s Paving can seal joints and cracks against moisture infiltration to ensure your driveway lasts for years to come.

Why You Should Choose Richard’s Paving For All Your Driveway Paving Needs In Central, VA

Richard’s Paving has been paving driveways in Virginia’s Northern Neck and Richmond Metro Area for over 15 years, and it wasn’t luck that has helped our business last that long. We have decades of experience, expertise, and tools that allow us to pave your driveway effectively and efficiently, ensuring you driveway is long-lasting & durable. Second, due to our experience we are able to provide unmatched quality. We utilize the best materials and make sure your driveway will look neat and attractive. When our customers’ driveways make their neighbors jealous, that’s when we know we’ve done a good job. Our company doesn’t want to be known as “pushy” like many other local contractors. When we consult with you about your driveway, we will evaluate the situation and provide the best advice on what should be done to fix the problem. Whether you need a repair, resurface, or complete reinstallation. If you’re looking to speak with a quality, local driveway paving contractor in your area, give Richard’s Paving a call.

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