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Commercial PAving In Richmond, VA

Richard’s Paving offers commercial paving services to businesses in Richmond, VA, the Richmond Metro Area, and Northern Neck.

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Welcome to our commercial paving services page. When you think about your business do you ever consider the look of your parking lot, access roads, work site, ramps, recreational areas, and other paved locations? You might not have thought about it but gravel access roads, parking lots, etc, can shift around, get muddy, become uneven, or dangerous due to heavy rain and other weather conditions. When you own a business in Richmond, VA, you can’t risk having a parking lot or areas potential customers find ugly, muddy, or dangerous.

Furthermore, if you have an existing paved parking lot, recreational area, or access road, it likely has aged and become cracked. The longer you let these cracks go unrepaired, the more likely potholes and extra cracks will develop, and these extra cracks are only going to increase erosion until you have a very expensive situation on your hands.

Your business is your and your family’s livelihood, and you can’t risk customers finding it ugly. When you pave a gravel parking lot, repair a damaged asphalt lot, or resurface one that’s aging, it shows you care about your business’s curb appeal, and when a business is attractive to visit, the business has more customers and makes more money. 

.Below we will talk more about our commercial paving services so you can make the best decision for your business.

New ASphalt Installtion

Skim Patching

Asphalt Resurfacing

New Gravel Parking Lots

Our Commercial Paving Services

A paving contractor sealcoating a parking lot.


Over time your parking lot’s asphalt is going to show signs of wear and tear due to the weather, foot traffic, and UV rays. Sealcoating can restore your asphalt’s color, prevent cracking, and extent your parking lot’s lifespan. 

Asphalt Repairs & Resurfacing

When people pull into your business’s parking lot do you think they want to see faded, cracked asphalt? You can improve the first impression your business makes when we repair and resurface the parking lot so it looks fresh and new.

A commercial business in Virginia's Northern Neck where we started paving a parking lot.

Asphalt Installation

When are ready to upgrade your gravel parking lot Richard’s is ready to install the new asphalt. A new asphalt parking lot will be more durable, safe, and easier to maintain. These are vital when you run a business.

Commercial Asphalt Paving For New Building Construction

New Building Construction

If you’re a building a new business and need your parking lot paved we can remove existing grass, dirt, existing asphalt, and more. Then we will install quality aggregate and level it to the proper specification that will handle your traffic conditions. 

What Our Clients Are Saying

Richard at Richard’s Paving and his crew were phenomenal at getting my driveway done in 2 days’ time with no issues. Richard is a great hometown guy who will go the extra mile for you and get it right the first time. If anyone is looking to get their driveway paved, sealed or anything else give him a call and I can guarantee you will talk with Richard directly.

Jeremy Hester – Google Review


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Commercial Paving In Richmond, VA

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The before and after of an asphalt driveway project we completed in Richmond, VA.

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