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Asphalt PAving HAnover, VA: Driveway Installation, Maintenance & Repair

Richard’s Paving provides premier asphalt driveway and commercial parking lot  paving services in Hanover County, VA.

We can install, repair, resurface, and sealcoat to make sure your curb appeal is always 100%.  We offer high-quality driveway, walkway, and other asphalt paving services for all residential localities in Hanover County, VA.

Make sure your customers have a smooth and inviting surface to pull up to your business on. Richard’s can install a new parking lot for churches, schools, shopping centers, and other local businesses.

It’s important to seal your pavement on a regular basis to ensure the asphalt doesn’t break down over time. Our paving contractors can sealcoat your residential or commercial asphalt surfaces.

If your driveway or parking lot pavement has started to crack or develop potholes, don’t wait because the problem can cause more damage. Give us a call so we can repair or resurface the asphalt.

A Quality Asphalt Paving Contractor In Hanover, VA

Richard’s Paving is an asphalt contractor serving Hanover, VA, which includes Mechanicsville, Ashland, Beaverdam, Doswell, Montpelier, and Rockville. While many contractors are out of business in under 5 – 10 years, Richard’s Paving has provided grade-A+ paving services for over 15 years! Did you know we don’t just do asphalt installation? In addition to new driveway installation, we also provide asphalt removal and replacement, driveway maintenance, Sealcoating, crack repair, edge repair, pothole repair, and resurfacing. 

When you choose Richard’s Paving, you will get a team you can count on. We’re highly specialized and experienced asphalt professionals dedicated to providing you with results. From the beginning of your project to its completion, you will be proud of your driveway. From how it looks and feels to how it makes people say, “Wow, their house looks amazing.” 

Ultimately our goal is to save you money through well-maintained pavement. Pavement that’s smooth and shiny reflects well on homeowners and business owners. You want a smooth surface that’s easy to drive on and increases curb appeal. You also want a driveway or parking lot that will increase your home and property value. Our company only uses the latest equipment and asphalt paving technology, ensuring you get the quality you deserve. 

Keep reading to learn more or contact us for a free estimate.

Asphalt paving Hanover VA

Poorly Maintained Asphalt Can Cause Tons Of Problems

Cracked driveway pavement.

Foundation Problems

If your driveway's pavement has started to crack or form potholes, water can seep into them, destabilize the driveway and put pressure on the foundation. Your home's foundation can then crack and allow moisture into the basement.

A vehicle with suspension damage due to being parked and driven on a sunken driveway.

Injuries & Vehicle Damage

When your driveway has begun to sink or develop large potholes it can become a tripping hazard. Furthermore, your vehicle can suffer suspension damage, wheel misalignment, steering misalignment, and transmission damage.

A poorly maintained driveway in Hanover County, VA.

Poor Home Value

If you live in Hanover County, VA, you will want to maintain your driveway. Your home's value is partially determined by the surrounding neighborhood and the shape of your home. If your driveway is in bad shape it will lower the value of your residence.

A broken piggy bank. If you don't maintain your driveway pavement, it could result in very expensive repairs.

Expensive Repairs

If you don't regularly sealcoat your driveway it can suffer damage from the elements. Those little cracks and holes may not seem like a big issue now. But, if you leave them unchecked they could turn into very expensive repairs down the road.





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Hanover Residents Have Access To Our Full List Of PAving Services

The before and after of one of our paving projects in Hanover.

Driveway Paving

Parking Lot (Commercial) Paving

A commercial parking lot we paved in Hanover, VA.
A driveway with an asphalt walkway.

Walkway Paving


One of our crew sealcoating a driveway in Hanover, VA.
The Richard's Paving truck parked outside a residence in Hanover, VA.

Other PAving Services We Offer

Asphalt Paving In Hanover County, VA

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Paving FAQs:

If you have a question and don’t see the answer listed just give us a call at 804-999-9000.

I see Richard's Paving is in Virginia, what areas do you provide service?

Richard’s Paving can provide asphalt driveway and parking lot services to the entire Richmond Metro Area, Northern Neck, and Middle Peninsula. That includes Hanover County. We’ve completed projects in Mechanicsville, Doswell, Ashland, and other communities in Hanover. If you want to see our entire service area, check out our service area page.

What paving services do you offer?

Our services include Gravel and asphalt driveway installation, resurfacing, asphalt milling, sealcoating, commercial parking lots, patching and repairs, grading and sloping, etc. Contact us if you have a driveway or parking lot issue.

How much will it cost to pave or fix my driveway/parking lot?

This will depend on the paving materials (asphalt or gravel), the project size, the sloping and grading required, and other variables. The best way to get an accurate cost is to call and give us information on the project area.

How quickly can you come and complete my project?

We will come as soon as possible to your location and check out the project site. If you agree to let us pave, repair, or maintain your driveway or parking lot, we will schedule you for the closest date both parties are available.

Richards Paving Hanover County, VA

Richards Paving provides asphalt paving services for all of Hanover County, VA.

The before and after of an asphalt driveway project we completed in Richmond, VA.

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